California History Mural

San Ramon Elementary School Classroom Teachers: Edie Ainsworth, 
Valerie Logue
Artists Teaching Art: Debra Maddox, John McCormick
Common Core Subject: Social Studies, California History
Fourth Grade

The students worked closely with their classroom teachers and ATA Artist Teachers Debra and John to depict the important events throughout California History on this wonderful 16' x 8' outdoor mural created by the San Ramon Elementary School Fourth Grade Students.

Students use their understanding of social studies concepts and skills to explore the state of California in the past and present. Students learn about the state’s unique geography and key eras in early California State history, particularly the Missions and Gold Rush periods. They use this historical perspective to help them make sense of the state’s geography, economy, and government today.


Kelp Forrest

Classroom Teachers: Edie Ainsworth, Diane Elsmore, Teri Dick

ATA Artist Teacher: Jeanne Field Ichimura, Ceramic Artist

Students in grade four expand their knowledge of food chains and food webs to include not only the producers and consumers that they previously discussed but also the decomposers of plant and animal remains, such as insects, fungi, and bacteria. The idea that all organisms need energy and matter to live and grow is reinforced. Students learn that plants are the primary source of matter and energy entering most food chains. They study the relationships between producers and consumers in food chains and webs and understand that decomposers recycle matter from dead plants and animals. The San Ramon Elementary 4th grade students studied the Kelp Forest and created Kelp Forest wind chimes with Artist Teacher Jeanne Field Ichimura using clay and glazes to produce the colorful effect of an underwater forest.