Hannah Freedom Project

Themes explored: Self, Family, Community, World - National Day of Social Action: Childhood Poverty
3rd - 8th Grades
Bettie Hodges, Executive Director
Karen Gilbert, Coordinator, Academic Programs and Hannah Gallery
LeeShawn Holcomb, Student Advocate/ Brotherhood
Pashia Lord, Administrative Assistant
Phillip Logan, Freedom School Principal
Artists Teaching Art: Mitchell Howard and Miriam Alfonso
Film and Photography: Michael Rosner-Hyman
The Hannah Project Partnership for Academic Achievement is a community based education and cultural organization located in Marin City, California.  Utilizing culture and the arts to undergird its educational programming, the Hannah Project seeks to both build community and promote the value of achievement among low income black and brown youth in Marin City and Marin County as a whole. Our vision is to make college and career both an expectation and a norm.
Freedom School is a blend of educational, cultural and social development opportunities for 50 children aged 7-10, the Hannah CDF Freedom School® is an exhilarating six week summer experience.  Focused on language arts and reading, the program strives to help children and young adults understand and appreciate their own history and culture in order to develop the resilience they need to address and overcome academic, social, cultural, and emotional challenges.
Modeled after the highly successful Marian Wright Edelman‘s Children’s Defense Fund CDF Freedom School ® program,  the Hannah Freedom School is the first CDF Freedom School site in Marin County. Sponsored by Hannah Project Partnership for Academic Achievement, the Hannah Freedom School works in partnership with the Sausalito School District, Manzanita Children’s Center, Marin City Network, Marin City CSD Summer Recreation Program, Sausalito Art Festival Foundation's Artists Teaching Art program and host of other community based efforts to create an exciting educational experience.