Mosaics in the Mosque  

Davidson Middle School Classroom Teacher: LEAP Program Director, Jake Pollack
Artists Teaching Art: Tilly & Zero Nylin
Common Core Subject: World History
Seventh Grade

A fascinating tour through the history of Islam. The Davidson Middle School students worked with artist teachers Tilly and Zero Nylin to create colorful mosaic tiles, a journey back in time through a timeless art form. Students designed, cemented and grouted their colorful tiles revealing sparkling works of art. As they wiped the grout away they were awed, amazed and surprised by the beauty revealed through this ancient art form.

"I learned that I am creative!"  Laurie Marshall, Artist


Boys & Girls Club of Marin and Southern Sonoma Counties

Artists Teaching Art: Laurie Marshall
Common Core Subject: STEAM, Language Art

 "Finding strength within. That's what art allows. Exploring inner space - the place to get in touch with the endless flow of ideas and our deepest values, the place to focus on the miracle of existence that connects us to all living things. Inner Landscapes are a space for expressing the knowledge and wisdom that lies within our hearts and souls." - Laurie Marshall Artis

The "Inner Landscape" is the space for students to paint the things they love and care about the most, their talents, and their favorite plant and animal. Using plywood, they trace each other then use a jigsaw to cut out their figure. They paint their Inner Landscape. It's an Apollo Inner Space Program, where the students have a chance to reflect and celebrate who they are.

The project is followed up by "I Am" poems - ten lines where the students become the colors and images in their paintings. Each line has two parts - 
Part 1 -"I am….., 
Part 2 -  who or which …….
"I am my soul's river, which flows through my creativity."
"I am the pink lotus, which opens its heart to love."