The Four Habitats and their Animals

Bahia Vista Classroom Teachers: Annie Smith, Liz Merritt, Sarah Hagerty, Cathy Argo
Artists Teaching Art: Debra Maddox, Tilly Nylin, Linda Weill
Common Core Subject: Science

First Grade

Bahia Vista first grade students, classroom teachers Annie Smith, Liz Merritt, Sarah Hagerty and Cathy Argo collaborate with Artists Teaching Art teachers; painter Debra Maddox and ceramic artists Linda Weill and Tilly Nylin to create four habitats: Redwood, Salt Marsh, Desert and Ocean habitats. Each habitat consisted of a background mural, painted by the students with Debra Maddox along with the animals that are indigenous to each habitat. Artist teachers Linda Weill and Tilly Nylin worked with the children to create habitat animals out of clay teaching form and glazing techniques. β€œThe students made good use of their time and heeded suggestions to create stronger pieces of art. I was impressed with their focus and following directions. Each piece of clay reflects their personality.” Linda Weill