The Sausalito Art Festival Foundation's Artists Teaching Art program's mission is to support the arts in the Marin County schools by bringing professional artists directly to the classroom to inspire students to develop their creative habits: imagination, critical thinking, risk taking, reflection and to express their creativity in innovative ways, through:
Collaboration, Cooperation, Communication.


Featured Projects

To date, Artists Teaching Art has completed ninety-seven K-12 classes in Fifteen Schools in Five Marin County School Districts.
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Willow Creek Academy 3rd Grade Production: "What a Wonderful Creek"

The Project

Classroom Teachers: Maya Creedman and Anne Siskin
Artist Teaching Art: Michele Guieu (videographer) and Alan Hopkins (mural artist)

Willow Creek Academy 4th Grade Labyrinth Project

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Classroom Teachers: Maya Creedman, Juliet Mohit
Artist Teaching Art: Cindy Pavlinac 

Hamilton School "Legacy of Art" Tile Mosaic Installation

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Hamilton School: Principal, Stephen Hospodar
Vice Principal, Stefanie Parnell
Classroom Art Teacher, Tanya Madsen
Artists Teachers: Tilly & Zero Nylin